We all know you should be good at algorithm solving to get good jobs. But is this the only skill we should have for our jobs? 🤔

What a lot of people don't know, algo solving is just a small subset of the skills companies are looking when hiring a developer. Some other important aspects are:

Diverse range of problems solved under your belt

People care what problems you can solve so they can delegate similar problems to you.

Are you the guy who can set up Web Apps, Web Apis, optimize a database?

Can you navigate through thousands of lines of legacy code and find ways to improve the codebase & fix bugs?

Know what technologies to pick for certain problems

Can you detect the problem domains in your application, like:

  • CRUD for certain domain objects
  • Auth
  • Data ingestion
  • Data visualization
  • Searching
  • Scraping
  • etc.

Depending on a problem domain, can you choose the right tools for the job?

Quickly understand technology stacks and the architectures of projects

How easy can you understand how a new project works?

Can you understand why some technologies are used, and what is the overall architecture of the application?

Quickly identify code smells and architectural antipatterns

This means you can pin-point the things that could be improved. And even better, come up with solutions to solve them.

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