Hello fellow devs, considering lots of you work remote nowadays, what guidelines do you follow to make this more enjoyable ❓

Here's what I try to do:

  • have a nice setup - it's important that you enjoy your space  since you will spend so much time in here. If you want to check out mine I posted it here
  • use good hardware and technical setup 💻. Even though I don't like having many things on my desk, apart from the Dell XPS 15, what makes my life better is this pair of NC headphones. They are important for deep focus -blocking out the fan noise from the laptop or the outdoor noise as I sometimes work with the windows open

  • have a schedule & be organized - I use the same 9-5/6 hours that I would use if I would go to a regular office

  • interact, share ideas, try to help others - I have conferance calls daily with teammates to help on job topics. Online communities are also great - Dev, Twitter - this is the best time to get you social in the online space

  • deliver awesome work - now it's the right moment to be productive and really focus on what you need to achieve. Being remote also saves a lot of time that can be invested into sharpening some of our skills or enjoying some hobbies 🌟

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