Are we seeing a new wave of very cool ideas and innovations? πŸ’‘ And not just ideas but actual finished products or libraries that we can try?

Javascript fatigue

Javascript fatigue happens when we can't keep up with the latest tools and libraries. It's the fear of becoming obsolete because of the constant change of the ecosystem. 😡

So I'll stop ranting and just share a few resources on those cool technologies (this is not an exhaustive list).


A few key features of Deno: βœ… Secure sandbox by default βœ… Typescript support out of the box βœ… Modules can be loaded directly from URLs βœ… Aims to be browser compatible βœ… Embrace async / await / promises


Recoil is a new experimental state management library that aims to solve the React slow render problems when dealing with big or deep nested component trees.


⚑️Rails-like framework for monolithic, full-stack React apps β€” built on Next.js. What we are still lacking in the React ecosystem is a full-stack framework, so you don't always need to:

  • set up a React app
  • set up a Server app
  • set up the interface layer between server and client
  • set up authentication and authorization
  • set up DBs

Lower the fatigue

What I like about the Web is the ecosystem that is continuously pushing to challenge the old ways of doing things - and continues to evolve.

While there are so many new things to learn, it doesn't mean that we need to jump into them right away, but instead keep an eye on them, and use them at the right moment. 🌟

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